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SYCF Past-Board Chairman Virgil Atkinson with Arbie Oji.


The SUTTER YUBA COMMUNITY FOUNDATION is administered by a volunteer board of directors dedicated to the health and well being of the Sutter & Yuba communities.  

With more than 140,000 residents in the Sutter & Yuba region. The needs of our most vulnerable, often overwhelm available resources. SUTTER YUBA COMMUNITY FOUNDATION support helps to enhance the resources of community based programs and maximize their results.

Through donations, endowments, planned giving, and fundraising, SUTTER YUBA COMMUNITY FOUNDATION has provided more than $300,000 in direct support since its founding in 2008.

We believe this is just a good start.

With more than $30 Billion in charitable funds, community foundations across the United States are making significant impacts for 700 communities and regions.  It is proof of the power of communities united by a goal.

That is the community unity and impact SUTTER YUBA COMMUNITY FOUNDATION is striving for and we can do it TOGETHER!

Our Philosophy
Giving Tree.png
  1. To be open, accountable and ethical.

  2. To partner strategically across a wide mandate.

  3. To enable and promote charitable giving.

  4. To respond responsibly and proactively to community needs.

Our History
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The SUTTER YUBA COMMUNITY FOUNDATION was founded in 2007 by John and Karin Jelavich 

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